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ProTech Mainframe eLearning Bundle

Modern Mainframe Workforce Training must be Blended Learning!

The strategic partnership between ProTech Training, the mainframe industry’s leading mainframe classroom training provider and Interskill Learning, the mainframe industry’s leading mainframe elearning provider now offers your organization all the core components of a modern, blended, mainframe workforce training program.

Blend your organization’s selection of ProTech classroom courses with year-round, online, on-demand access to thousands of hours of online IBM Z mainframe and mainframe related training, advanced mainframe training via hands-on mainframe Labs, powerful mainframe coaching and mentoring resources, mainframe job-role focused ‘learning road maps’, mainframe skills assessments, training data analytics & reporting, and the industry-changing impact of IBM Digital Credentials.

Blend these Digital Mainframe Training Components with your instructor-led ProTech Classes!

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  • Course/Assessments Catalog

    Detailed content of all elearning courses and skills assessments by curriculum. REMEMBER: Your license gives you year-round, open access to ALL of these courses!


    Try a sample module of one of our courses.

    Learning Plans

    Mainframe Job specific training paths that guide you to your goals.

  • Pricing information

    ProTech offers a wide range of flexible pricing options to help you blend these industry leading, digital mainframe training components into your mainframe workforce training program.

    IBM Digital Credentials (Badges)

    Over 60 official IBM Credentials to be earned!

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    We are constantly releasing new courses. Please make sure to check here for the latest news on updated and NEW courses.